Elissa Macpherson has been a Christian over 30 years. She has belonged to her most recent church, Stanthorpe Baptist Church for over 10 years. She has been actively involved in youth ministry, women’s ministry, music worship ministry and preaching. Recently she has begun a creative and speaking ministry supporting AKID (Asian Kids In Danger), a Christian volunteer group that supports local programs in Asia (primarily India). These programs minister to orphans and slum children. For more information go to www.symphonyhill.com.au/danying.html.

Elissa writes feature articles for Enhance, Australian Christian Woman and QB magazine.

Elissa has been married to an amazing man for over 20 years and has 3 gorgeous children. She lives on a vineyard in rural Queensland, 3 hours from the nearest major city. She has lived with drought, crop destroying frost, bushfire and dodging kangaroos driving to church.

Vision: To lavishly pursue the beauty of God and infuse this truth into the lives of women.

Belief statement: Jesus is the one true God. I believe he died for our sins on the cross. I believe he is resurrected. I believe, through grace, I am in relationship with him.

I believe God is beautiful. I believe because woman is made in the image of God, woman is beautiful.
I believe God seeks to not only rescue and restore woman but to also beautify.
I believe a beautiful life is the manifestation of worship into the everyday, and active adoration overflowing into divine purpose.
I believe a woman becomes beautiful when she has a deep assurance she is loved and adored by God and by his truth she is free.
My kingdom position is in the battalion on mission to reclaim and restore in double portion the beauty of woman which was stolen, destroyed and disfigured by evil.