“The one thing I asked of the Lord that I will seek after, to behold the beauty of the Lord” Psalm 27:4.

"What can I say, you've captured the heart of women, and described God's heart for us. So much of ministry seems to be so masculine, it's nearly like we have to cloak our feminine characteristics, and feign a masculine approach to God. It is not a frivolous book, the scriptures you have used are so deep and beautiful, and the depth you have gone to in unravelling our feminine purpose in God is very special. Thank you, I am going to be blessed by reading this whole book, slowly, and I feel it is a missing part for many women to find their joy in God. A God who loves beauty and created a beauty loving heart in his women."
Melody Jarvis, 2008

  Vibrant, colourful, expressive, romantic, creative - this is the portrait of Jesus that emerges from the pages of this book. Mention God and most of us get some kind of blurry grey smudge in our heads, except for Elissa Macpherson. Forget your impressions of dusty ritual and allow Elissa to share her rich vision of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Beautiful will nourish your soul and awaken your imagination. Through 28 stand-alone devotions, you’ll begin to paint your own new picture of heaven, finding the reflection of God in everyday objects of beauty.

Through her own relationship with a God of glory, Elissa dares us to pull back the shroud of everyday routine and unfold the divine dream of our heavenly Father. Look beyond the ordinary. Run hard after the lavish beauty of God and see what he might inspire in your own, secret places.
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To read “Beautiful” is to be captivated afresh by the glorious wonder, the majestic awesomeness of our loving God. Elissa Macpherson has that rare gift of putting heart-felt worship into words, and her readers cannot help but be drawn deeper into a Holy Spirit-guided understanding and appreciation of the beauty of God and who he is, and the indescribable joy of a life lived in deep, loving communion with Him.
Lorraine Walker
Past President, Baptist Union of Queensland
President, Baptist Women of the Southwest Pacific

The Holy Spirit’s influence is evident in Elissa’s writing which combines the beauty of words and images with the truths of the Bible. May you be guided by the Spirit as you read these devotions which are loving, encouraging, thought provoking and life-changing.
Jean Milligan
Past President, Churches of Christ in Queensland
  “Beautiful” bridges the gap between knowing about the depths of God’s incredible love for us, and having a devotional pathway that leads us gently, sensitively, yet powerfully into His arms to receive it. A great book with a healing touch, for those who have been afraid to seek after, or dare to embrace, the intimacy of God’s love for them. A definite for my bookshelf!
Daphne Austin
Director/ Psychologist, Peace Counselling Centre

"Beautiful" is poetic. Elissa Macpherson’s words read like the psalms. They are beautifully crafted to speak onto the hearts of her fellow sisters: Daughters of the Most High King. I believe each chapter will be as balms of Gilead that will soothe and restore the reader’s soul. They were for me. Elissa- you shine!
Asta Lander, co-author of “time To Shine” (Ark House Press) and Christian Woman magazine book reviewer