Many precious women have made the life changing discovery that they are princesses, the beloved daughters of the King of Kings. But what happens when the passion fades, the tiara becomes tarnished and the robe of mercy becomes threadbare? “Princess” looks in the mirror and asks if she is still the fairest of them all. The answer she receives from heaven is a beautiful and touching surprise. Join “Princess” on a journey through the mirror to a place beyond happily ever after. As she steps through the layers of various Bible stories, her masks are peeled away to reveal the God colours within.
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"Mirror Mirror" is one of those books that will take up permanent residence on your bedside table. Push aside the alarm clock, used tissues and half-empty coffee cups and make room for this book, as you’ll be dipping intoittime and time again. Elissa Macpherson has peeled back the layers of doubts, fears and insecurities many of us live under to find the truth of God’s word for his girls: that he loves us, desires us and want to see us live our lives draped in His freedom.
Sue Peters
National Director of Australian Baptist Women

"Mirror Mirror" will take you on a transforming journey from slavery to freedom, from ‘orphan toprincess’. As you follow “Princess”, you will find your own reflection vividly peering back at you from amongst these pages as Elissa unlocks the truth of a loving and living relationship with Father-God. Elissa Macpherson’s gift for writing allows the physical and spiritual to collide in such a way that an imprint is left within the reader. With rich phrasing, and striking contrasts, Elissa skilfully weaves together a superb journey that every woman can relate to as she learns her true identity by gazing into the Mirror.
Charissa Steffens
Editor-in-chief, Indulge eMagazine
  Psalm 90 begins with these words, 'God, it seems you've been our home forever; long before the mountains were born. Long before you brought earth itself to birth, from "once upon a time” to "kingdom come" - you are God.' “Mirror Mirror” is replete with inspiring 'once upon a time' stories, written by Elissa Macpherson who has an amazing ability to captivate you with her words. This book speaks to the heart of issues that women face today and is filled with extraordinary insights that will help you be the woman you have been created to be. Elissa is a vibrant, passionate, and articulate woman. Her book is certainly a "must read" for any woman who longs to know the love of her Heavenly Father.
Pastor Jane Averill
Senior Pastor, Nexus Church, Brisbane

It is my absolute privilege to recommend this amazing book to you! Elissa takes us on a poetic and life-giving journey to discover that the image we see in the mirror is one of a perfect and lovely Princess. Elissa's lavish, eloquent and truly God-inspired words draw upon her deep life experiences and will touch your heart and remind you of your rightful place as the daughter of the King. This is a message that girls of every age and walk of life need to hear! So girls, give “Mirror, Mirror” to your mums, your daughters and anyone else in your world who needs to not just settle for 'happy enough' but allow God to give them their 'happy ever after.
Kasey Mac, Editor-in-chief, Enhance Magazine, Senior Pastor, Metro Church