Elissa is available to speak at conferences, camps and workshops that share the same ideals as Lavish Pursuits. She teaches scriptural truths from a feminine perspective laced with imagery, wisdom and real life application. Her aim is for listeners to come away inspired, encouraged and dripping with the revelation they are loved and desired by the Prince of Peace. Elissa speaks with warmth, energy and humour.

"Elissa spoke from Luke 10 and created a most beautiful visual picture of the importance and cost of our salvation. Some of these images and thoughts shall remain with me forever as a constant reminder of how much I am loved by my heavenly father, and of the sacrifice of Jesus his son, for me. The holy spirit has planted these truths much deeper in my heart through her clear teaching. So beautifully done!"
- February 2008

Another subject dear to her heart is the plight of women and girls in Asia. Though her own experiences she shares through image, saris and stories, inspiring ordinary women to act in extraordinary ways.

"Elissa's presentations are a breath of fresh air, authentic and captivating. Elissa creatively brings the plight of our fellow girls in Asia to the hearts of those to whom she speaks. She is able to inspire and relate to women of all ages."
- Kym Baills, Scripture Union High School Chaplain

If you are interested in having Elissa speak at your event, contact her at elissa@lavishpursuits.com.au