A ministry dedicated to the lavish pursuit of God's beauty and infusing this Truth into the lives of women. The truth of this beauty is primarily communicated through writing and speaking. From the local level, sharing at women's groups, to a national level at conferences, magazines and books. To an international level by supporting programs that rescue abandoned girls in Asia.

It is the pursuit of the glory of God. He is beautiful. This beauty is lavish. It can be pursued in many ways. Through adventure, through creativity, through compassion, through justice, through dynamic action, through silence.

Core values of a woman in lavish pursuit:

She is disguised as ordinary. She is the beloved daughter of the most high king living in the suburbs, on the farm, in the city. She is on mission, in pursuit, even in the middle of the supermarket.

She is creative. Dances, paints, designs, stitches, builds, sings, sculpts

She is feminine. Fragrance, feathers, jewels, candle, glitter, chocolate, bubble bath, shells, lilies,

She has a mother heart. She is a life giver and a life preserver. She is protective of the children of earth, the warrior is incited, the lioness woken.

She has a broken heart. Tales of orphans, hunger and abuse shatters her heart into a thousand shards. She is resolved. She is compelled to act.

She desires and longs for Jesus.

To be in lavish pursuit means LESS
LESS “have to”, trying harder, getting it right, over thinking, excuses, limits, cloning, “What if’s”

To be in lavish pursuit means MORE
MORE “why not”, laughter, colour, moments, real, space, light, adventure, faith