By Elissa Macpherson and Nyssa Davis

This gorgeous little gift book has been created to remind all women and girls that they are loved, worthy and beautiful. Using bright photos from India, China and my daughter’s treasures, a portrait is painted with the words of a song I sing to my daughter.

  A song I composed to declare the truth of her identity. Adopted from China, politics and poverty do not determine her worth but the mighty eternal unchangeable words of God sing out the truth of her being. This song is true for every girl and woman on this planet regardless of her past.

100% of sales of “Zara’s Song” is donated to programmes dedicated to rescuing, educating and caring for the unwanted girls of Asia. China and India have the highest rates of infanticide and abandonment of female babies simply because they were born a girl. Baby girls are abandoned, dumped into rubbish and even sacrificed to gods - they are expendable and unwanted. This contravenes the mandate of love and justice given by God. Be part of the movement that stands against the devaluing of womanhood.

Indifference in not an option.

This little book makes the big declaration that all girls are desired, dignified and destined.
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